Services - IT Staff Augmentation

Finding qualified IT professional can be time consuming and expensive. At Stellar we offer on-demand IT Staff Augmentation services to streamline the hiring process and meet the immediate needs of your IT department. Whether you are looking for an IT professional to fulfill a temporary or permanent position our experience, flexible services and proven methodology can help.

Stellar has been developing custom software applications for service companies, manufacturers, public housing and other government agencies in New England since 2000. Over the years we’ve become particularly familiar with the common challenges faced by each of these industries. As a result, we have gained an in-depth understanding of the skill set requirements for IT professionals in these areas. We’ve put our experience and knowledge to work by offering our IT staff augmentation services.

Stellar offers highly qualified IT professionals, competitive rates and flexible staff augmentations services. We provide experienced IT professional with a vast range of technical capabilities in the areas of service companies, manufacturers, public housing and other government agencies. We supply short-term, long-term or part-time IT professionals based on your requirements. These options are perfect for project-based openings that are on a deadline or in need or a specific skill set.

Stellar is committed to finding the best IT professionals for the job. Working with the hiring mangers we thoroughly review the business and technology requirements to identify the ideal candidate. A proven screening method ensures that we select candidates with the right skills and verifies experience. Our technical interviews and background clearance process permit us to further narrow down the candidate choices. The screening method also helps to identify candidates who will transition smoothly into the organization’s culture.

At Stellar, our goal is to deliver IT professionals that possess the right skill set, fit into your organization and immediately add value to your team.