FOIADirect is a well established and innovative software product designed to help Massachusetts cities and towns to receive, track and respond successfully to each public records request in compliance with all requirements as mandated by Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The software application is rich with attributes and with ability to handle complex functions and yet provides a simple way to manage all of your requests. Following features are present to create, track and respond to requests by Record Custodians and Record Supervisors.

At a Glance Request Status
This unique view provides an overall perspective of the request starting from receipt of request by Records Manager and showing all routing and assignments and current status.

Due Date Calculation
Due dates are always calculated excluding week ends and holidays. Also excluding non office hours.

Auto Warnings to Assigned Staff
Automated and configurable emailing capability to notify assigned staff regarding imminent expiry of due date.

Over the Counter quick transaction
– Feature allows in person and anonymous request submission and quick summary response.

Assignments to multiple departments
– Ability to circulate your requests to more than one department and multiple departments to work on the request at the same time.

Emailing Feature
Communication feature provides emails at each step of response processing for all assignment activities and ability to communicate with requester, keeping all email history within the application.

Estimate and Payments
Send one click email to requester with Estimate details. Allow requester to access web portal for online payments.

Effort and Cost Estimate for creating responses
Provides details of search and segregation cost of effort by personnel. Send email to requester with estimated cost and actual cost as necessary as defined by work flow process as chosen by community.

Activities History
Indicating routing of all requests and specific activities performed on the request such as adding of notes and documents, sending emails for estimate and response closing and other critical activities with time stamps.

Document Center
Repository of all documents with detailed keyword search feature. Allow documents to be public and private.

Public Documents
Auto upload all documents to public portal for intelligent public search and viewing. This feature will allow the public to narrow search and find documents resulting in less public requests.

Publish Frequently Requested documents
Make available, frequently requested documents such meeting minutes, warrants and other documents in order to prevent requests from being made in the first place.

Document Redacting
Redacting capabilities using special tools to easily hide private date.

Requester Dashboard
Made available to requesters for review of status of their request. Dashboard is also used for receiving large documents and sending messages to record custodians.

Strong Reporting
Standard and configurable reports are available. Also any request for additional reports from towns will be added at no charge to communities.

Set Up and Training
No effort in set up application and onsite training for users.

Stronger Support
– Known for quality and responsive support, the Stellar team is behind FOIADirect providing dedicated and responsible training of support during all phases of operation.

FOIA-Direct has been developed by Stellar Corporation with experience of more than 20 years of public sector software development.
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